My Reading Profile – 2014/2015

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.40.09 am

Above is my bookshelf. These are the books I read and planning to read.

Easy text – The easiest text I read this year was “Noughts and Crosses”. This book was easiest because the story is set in modern times, and was based on discrimination and segregation in South Africa (except fictional), it was fairly easier for me to understand the plots and the story progress in this book. The language the author has used was fairly easy, she has used commonly used words for her book. Regardless of the level, I found this book really interesting and looking forward to read more of her “noughts and crosses” series.

Hard text – The hardest text I read this year was “Game of Thrones”. Because the story consists of many characters, it was hard for me to keep track of every characters, especially as I did not read this book daily, I often forgot the individual plots that a certain characters go through. Later on this book, as these characters came together, it was harder for me to comprehend the overall plot of the book; I often had to go back to fill in the “missing” gap between each events.

Goals and Challenges
Most of the books I read are urban-styled books. They are fictions that are based on modern times. To add more diversity in my reading profile, I’d like to read more classical novels and non-fictions. Classical novels, will provide an insight of the situations that many renowned authors lived in. Non-fiction will provide an insight of more realistic sense of the world.


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