Me as a reader

During the first term of our school this year, I have read numerous books. I’ve read numerous genres, such as fantasy, mystery, dystopian, etc. I have loved “The Green Mile”. I have watched the movie, I never knew I would read it until I saw this book in the library. “The Green Mile” consisted of a rather more interesting, never-seen-before story line. A group of prison guard, letting a convict out of his prison just to save their friend’s wife’s life. There were some funny and touching moments during the story. From a sweet revenge on the antagonist, Percy, to inevitable death of one of the innocent convicts, the book had a lot of captivating moments that I loved reading.

My reading

I get most of the reading done before I go to sleep. I read from 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday before I go to sleep. I am slowly growing as a reader. I did not read books on daily basis before; but the fact that I have gotten onto a rhythm in which I set a particular time to read, I can say I am growing as a reader. In one go, I can now read around 1 hour and 30 minutes without losing interest/focus on the book.

I plan to exert my reading further. I would read more challenging text, and make myself read in a particular set time. That would further enhance my reading and comprehensive ability. Until the end of school year, I will challenge myself to read around 15 classical novels. These novels will be tough, because they consist of old English language, and the context will be harder for me to comprehend because they are mainly set in 2-4 centuries ago.


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