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So, in our school’s economic class, we did a little simulation where I and 3 other friends survived in the plane crash and managed to reach an island in tropical region. We were meant to write a poem that describes what we are going to do on the island.
It’s really cheesy, and your goosebumps will go away after 5 minutes. At least it rhymes ^^

Survived a plane crash
On an island with no cash
Burning flames and flying debris
Surrounded by a swarm of bees

Trudged for miles and find a desert of snakes
With the hot sun we thought there were cakes
Then we remembered, “were on an island”
Islands sadly don’t have cakes

We brought some knives, an egg and matches
We really hope the egg hatches,
We have to survive on fish and dead rat
Not a good situation, that

Set up our base camp near the big woods
Stuffed our stomachs with rubbish foods
Tough meat thats hard to chew
Made Aman’s face go deep blue

Made a fire using wood,
Made the best fire we possibly could,
Now we have some decent food
Thank god our base camp’s near the woods

We also needed good clothes for sleep
So we used knives and murdered sheep
Built a house of wood in our base camp
Used sticks and matches as a lamp

Thankfully, the river’s near our house
No more staying thirsty for us
A good place for taking showers
We can clean ourselves for hours

Many problems everywhere
By the grace of god we’ll make it there
Really tired, want to go away
Sadly, it’s only been a day